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This is an EMI BTR4 Reel to Reel Tape Deck with original cabinet from the late 1960's

The electronics are a bespoke design to turn a once 1/4" mono valve machine into a 1/2" solid state 4 track and I would guess looking at the components, dates from around 1970-'72.

The Tape deck is fully functional and you can see it in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NwEQ49xMNM&feature=youtu.be

(the sound you here as the tape turns is just the tape itself catching on the spool and nothing to do with the mechanism)

The audio electronics need work, It would need recapping to start with. That said though I have had audio from all channels and audio in to at least 2 of the channels. The heads have around 75% life left. I should imagine that it wasn't long before they moved to an 8 track machine.

I believe that this machine has never been to Abbey Road, but I did find some very interesting information that may give some clue to it's history here: http://www.gearslutz.com/board/mastering-forum/474202-width-knob-abbey-road-mastering-console-3.html.

This machine, I believe, were you to find it's true identity, will probably have some great provenance. This would have been an expensive machine new and an expensive conversion, and with that in mind I'd suggest it probably belonged to a studio with a healthy business.

A super rare deck and console and a completely unique conversion.


Tape recorder used at Abbey Road Studios


EMI 920 Series EQ "Abbey Road" Revisited


EMI Mic Amp Type 820

BBC EQ 3/15


B.B.C. AM1/4 EQ / Response Selection Amplifiers

These are EQ modules from the mid 1960s as found in the very high quality BBC studio desks of the period, such as the MX6/1 EMI type Painton quadrant fader mixing desks.  A desk which used this EQ can bee seen HERE-
Full information on the EQ and the circuit diagram is available HERE

BBC Mic Amp AM9 "Twin"

AM6/14 Comp-Limiter

BBC Am6/26 Comp-Limiter




BBC Am6/3a/285 compressor limiter





BBC AM9 dual preamp and AM22 dual eq modules. Custom made PSU. 48V,
-20dB pad, phase reverse, FET DI, output control.
3U enclosure with engraved front panel.

EMI v 306 Telefunken

EMI/BBC BTR2 Tape Machine

BTR2 monaural recorder (1954-1970) panel, Abbey Road Studios

EMI BTR2 Tape machine




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