BBC AM6/8 Limiting Amplifiers


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These limiters were custom designed by the BBC engineering department in the 1960's for installation in one of their studios. As with everything that was designed and built during that period, no expense has been spared. All high quality components throughout - even the lunchbox has been made with significant attention to details. 240v power supply is contained within lunchbox. Ins/outs on XLR pigtails.

Sounds great on everything from stereo mixes, to guitars, and drums - even vocals. Very vintage and thoroughly satisfying to engage. Definitely on a par with the likes of Neve, and to my ears a clearly similar sound.



BBC AM9/19

6 way microphone preamp rack, built by the BBC in the early 1970s.

75dB of stepped gain, input and output proprietary transformers, fully discrete with class A/B output stage (think of a Neve 1081).

Completely original, fully modular, phantom power switchable on each channel.


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