Telefunken MX80

Mitsubishi Telefunken X-80

This is truly one of the rarest and most beautifully constructed Reel to reel recorders of all time . Only 200 are ever made!

Known as the first excellent digital PCM recorder with fixed head , which made it possible to cut and edit tape for the engineer .
Just like he was used to in the analog hey days . This X-80 ( 80 stands for the start of the development ) is such a beautiful combo of the analog and early digital achievements !
Costing 25.000 usd when coming out it was reasonable affordable , and it sounded certainly as good as equipment from 100.000usd at that time . It is still high fidelity , better sounding than any cd because of the high sampling rate.
Here is a description of you are not familiair :

The Mitsubishi X-80 2-track 1/4 inch digital recorder from 1980 predated the ProDigi format and has many similarities, although it used an unusual 50.4 kHz sample rate, and is not directly compatible. However, Mitsubishi did build the capability to play back tapes created on an X-80 into the X-86 series machines. Only 200 X-80's were manufactured.

The built quality is superb , cause the Japanese developer had carte Blanche and used the best audio quality components and all gold connections !

This one comes from Germany , and still has the telefunken logo on the reel adapters but the machine is labeled Mitsubishi. It was a collaboration.
- it is in fully working condition , I can also test record if you like , since I can deliver it with a new Ampex 467 tape.
-the wooden cover is in prestine condition
And this super rare audio legend will look good in any high fidelity home or studio room.
Included is 1 empty take up reel , 1 new digital reel tape ( Ampex) and power cord .
Recorder is 220-240volts , do not know if it can be switched internally ? Expect so it can be done !


  • Freq Response 20 to 20,000 Hz
  • Signal to Noise 90 db
  • Speed 15 ips
  • Motors 1
  • Reels 10.5"
  • Timing accuracy ,05
  • Weight 120 lbs
  • Price Original price $27,000 1986 - $5,000


Telefunken MX80 DASH digital tape recorder (No. 1). Ser.No. 7646007-1, plus BBC CD4M/13, 1981. The MX80 was a 1/4 inch DASH (Digital Audio Stationary Head) digital tape recorder. Comprising two units, the tape transport, and a separate power supply and digital processor, this example also has a BBC-added third unit.

This was a BBC-designed converter unit (CD4M/13) to convert the MX80 digital in and out to the European Broadcast Union standard (specifically for use with the Neve DSP1 digital sound desk). The tape used is a special very thin type. A centre track on the tape carried a low-quality analogue recording allowing "rock and roll" editing.







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