Maihak Console 6+2 Stereo 1967

Mixer DR Dayner

Control room with D&R Dayner mixer and Tascam DM 24

Tascam DM 24

Tascam DM 24, Alesis ADAT, UA 610, Varis HCL, DBX 266, Aphex exiter, BBE

Sony APR 24 Tracks Tape Reels

Control Room

Orban's EQ

D & R Mixer

Maihak Console and Altec Limiter and AM9 and AM6 BBC

Universal Audio LA 610 SE
HCL Varis Vari-Mu Comp/Lim "Phantom Ediction"
DBX 266 VL
Symmetrix 544 Gate
Dolby A 301

Yamaha TX
Lexicon MPX 400
Lexicon Vortex
Electrix Warp Voice

Custom Made Tube Console





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