Neumann/Geffell/RFT MKD MV101

Tube condenser microphone made in Germany in the 1950’s






NEUMANN GEFELL MV-101 "MKD" tube mic with 1" MK-102 (nickel) measurement capsule.
These are fantastic mics to use for recording! Very responsive and clean sounding, on the same level as B&K and Schoeps mics. The 1"(inch) original nickel MK-102 capsule has a flat frequency response from 10Hz up to 20kHz!

The MV 101 is a vacuum tube measurement microphone amplifier developed in cooperation with the Heinrich Hertz institute that can mount 1" capsules like the MK 101 or MK 102 attached via a metrical M 20 x 0,5 thread. It uses a EC 760 miniature vacuum tube. It was produced between 1951 and 1969. Includes wooden box. Requires MN 630 power supply unit.

– Capacitive pressure transducer, axial sound inlet
– Omnidirectional (spherical) pickup pattern, 200 Ohms
– Frequency response: 10Hz to 20,000Hz (-3dB), 50mV/Pa
– 1″ (24mm) MK102 nickel diaphragm capsule, max SPL: 146 dB

Tensioni di funzionamento

Dimensions: 1″ (25mm) in diameter, 4.7″ (125mm) long
The mic comes in its original wooden protection case.
The set also includes a 12′(3.6m) microphone cable
and a custom-made power supply unit (PSU).



RFT Din Stecker TGL-31-428 Steckverbinder Stecker 5 Pol

Hersteller - RFT
Typ - TGL-31-428
Anzahl Pole - 5

The cone-shaped cover (NK 63) enables omnidirectional sound recording while the flat one enables directional recording. The whole thing is made of metal.


1 - vyhřívání mikrofonu +6V, 150mA
4 - vyhřívání mikrofonu -
5 - signálový výstup z předzesilovače +20V
3 - kladné napájeni předzesilovače +95 až 100V
2 - kladné polarizačni napěti vložky +185 až 200V





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