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W734a Equalizer

Universalfilter W734a - RFZ, Berlin Ostd., 1974–1980, 24 Volt,

"The historic TAB EQs are very spartanic in function but pretty amazing if done in proper doze. All transistor units are active resonance EQs, so very colored from a point of view, but not brutal or mushy in any way.
If you are not used to two knobs and presence, you probably won't like them but as soon as you know where and how to use them you will love them.
There were several different versions and revisions made over the years, my all time favorite is the (east) german knock off the W734. This EQ was especially made for the East German STASI, they used them to enhance the back ground noise of phone conversations. Very, very cool units if you like a wide color pallet!"

This stuff is getting more and more famous in all studios worlwide. The building quality is superb and they offer the fattest, purest analog sound you can imagine!

The W734a is a secret weapon against borring and flat sounding signals. For sure, its talent is not to remove very small frequency ranges, but it is the best to give a signal more character and sound à la Pultec. It offers a natural and very rich sound with a very silky Top-End! 

RFZ 734 - 2 - 3 - PDF Schematics 734pdf

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